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Please come visit us, call us at (406) 294-7387, or e-mail the Canine Coordinator gabi@yvas.org if you are looking to adopt. Here are our dogs that we have available at our shelter at this time.


  • Roscoe
  • 096785
  • German Shepherd

  • Black/Tan
  • Male
  • 5yrs
  • 89lbs

Available by application
Roscoe is a big man with a big personality. He loves people very much. Roscoe is in need a home with an experienced owner who is confident in working with large breed dogs. Roscoe likes to play with other dogs, but needs a cat/livestock free home.


  • Luna
  • 096697
  • Catahoula Mix

  • White/Gray
  • Female
  • 8mo

Luna is a sweet girl who needs a home without livestock or cats. She is all working dog and needs exercise and some refresher training. She likes people and is pretty playful! Still a pup with plenty of time to learn!


  • Rocky
  • 096685
  • Pit Bull

  • Tan/White
  • Male
  • 2yrs
  • 84lbs

Rocky is a big, giant baby. He’s 84 pounds of love! Rocky is a large, powerful dog who needs an experienced owner who will instill some confidence in him. No cats for this big guy!


  • Westin
  • 096653
  • Heeler Mix

  • White/Red
  • Male
  • 1yr
  • 52lb

Westin is a sweet high energy pup! He needs lots of play time and plenty of room to roam! He is a quick learner and is capable of opening locks so a secured yard is a must!


  • Yadi
  • 096631
  • Mini Aussi

  • Tri color
  • Male
  • 1yr

Yadi is active, active, active! He would do best in a home that has plenty of space and a family that is willing to spend the time and energy exercising him. He LOVES toys and will play all day long!


  • Buddy Ray
  • 096582
  • Catahoula Mix

  • Black/Gray/White
  • Male
  • 2yrs
  • 48lbs

Mr. Ray would love a home without livestock, other dogs, or small children. He prefers to be the apple of his owner’s eye. Very affectionate towards adults and likes to go for long walks! Would love someone who will exercise him daily


  • Crash
  • 096505
  • Boxer

  • Fawn/White
  • Male
  • 6yrs

Crash is an athletic, happy go lucky dog! He’s very spunky and playful. Crash would do best in an active home as an only dog or with a submissive female.


  • Buster Brown
  • 096266
  • chihuahua

  • Brown
  • Male
  • 12yrs
  • 5lbs

This little old man is just looking for a home to retire in. He’s very sweet and wants to sit in your lap all day long. Due to his age, Buster Brown needs a home with adults only.


  • Calypso
  • 095788
  • Kelpie (?) mix

  • Black/White
  • Female
  • Adult (4yrs)
  • 40lbs

Calypso is a sweet, bouncy gal. She’s super friendly and wants to be your best bud! Calypso likes to play with most other dogs, but does want to be the boss!


  • Peyton
  • 094945
  • Lab/Bloodhound Mix

  • Black
  • Female
  • 11mo
  • 65lbs

Peyton has a lot of energy! She needs a home that can meet her energy demands, and even get her going on training! She is very loving and affectionate, LOVES to play!


  • Kaeli
  • 092188
  • German Shepherd/Greyhound

  • Brown/Gray/Black
  • Female
  • 1yr
  • 44lbs

Kaeli is wonderful dog! She would love a family that is around more often than not, and who can give her the attention she craves! She loves to play and would do best with a lots of space!


  • Rowdy
  • 002622
  • Labrador

  • Yellow
  • Male
  • 9yr
  • 102lbs

Rowdy fits his name perfectly! Don’t let his age fool you, he still has the same get up and go, as a young pup! He would love a family that can integrate him into their active lives! He would also love a cat free home with a family that can help him remember his manners.