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Please come visit us, call us at (406) 294-7387, or e-mail the Canine Coordinator gabi@yvas.org if you are looking to adopt. Here are our dogs that we have available at our shelter at this time.


  • Mitzie
  • 109828
  • Yorkshire terrier mix

  • Black and tan
  • Female
  • 12 y

Mitzie is one who loves to just sit in your lap and get all the attention you’re willing to give. She is a little on the older side so a quieter house hold would be nice but not required.


  • Athena
  • 109823
  • Brittany

  • White/Brown
  • Female
  • 6
  • 42

I love to go! I am very active and energetic. I would love to go on long walks, runs or even hikes with you! I get along with some other dogs and might play chase a cat if they ran. I need a secure yard though because I like to go on adventures by myself.


  • Belinda
  • 109762
  • Yorkie Mix

  • Black/Brown
  • Female
  • 4
  • 16

This girl loves attention when she isn’t to busy playing with other dogs or cats. She is sometimes independent and likes to do her own thing like chewing on her bones.


  • Sven
  • 109651
  • Great Pyrenees

  • White
  • Male
  • 2yrs

This big hunk of love is just that; a hunk of love. Sven gets along with other dogs and with cats, but needs a home without little kids. He’s working on walking on the leash and getting more and more brave every day. Sven is much more content to just lay around the house than go on big excursions!


  • Tippet
  • 109535
  • Chihuahua/Heeler

  • Tri
  • Female
  • 2yrs
  • 15lbs

Adopted 7/29
This girl is a trick dog! She doesn’t know any cool tricks at this exact moment, but she’s got all the makings of an amazing agility dog. She’s smart, agile, and eager to please. Tippet needs a home where she is in the spot light. She has potential to live with other dogs, but would strongly prefer if she had the captive attention of her people all to herself. This also means that little kids aren’t in her best interest. Tippet loves to play with toys, too!


  • Dan
  • 109480
  • Pointer mix

  • White/Brown
  • Male
  • 8yrs
  • 41


Dan is a smart, gentle sweetie. He would make a great family dog, but is still a bird dog so would do best with someone who is familiar with that type of breed. Dan likes other dogs, but cannot live with cats!


  • Bruno
  • 109412
  • Pitbull mix

  • Chocolate/White
  • Male
  • 5
  • 80

Burno is a big ol pile of love. This lazy boy is super strong, but is pretty lazy. He will still need to be exercised, but prefers to lay around the house. Bruno gets along with other dogs, but has to learn about cats!


  • Boo Boo
  • 109402
  • Welsh Corgi Pembroke/ Heeler mix

  • Red tick
  • Male
  • 4 y
  • 39

If you want a fishing buddy I’m your guy! Boo Boo LOVES water so much that he will even help you pull the fish to shore. I also love to play fetch and if you ask me to drop it, I will. I tend to be a picky about kids so older kids are more my style.


  • Priscilla
  • 109341
  • Pit bull mix

  • Brown brindle and white
  • Female
  • 10months
  • 37

Pretty, playful, Priscilla! This girl is still young, and eager to learn! Priscilla wants to please her people and she’s so smart you could teach her anything. She loves to play with other dogs, but can be a bit overwhelming so she needs to learn some manners. Priscilla would make a great family dog for an active home with someone willing to put in the time and effort!


  • Coco
  • 109335
  • Australian Shepherd mix

  • Red and white
  • Female
  • 3yrs
  • 38

Adopted 7/29
Smart. Seriously, this dog could do your homework for you. Coco is true to her breed standard in intelligence. She knows many basic commands, and is eager to learn more. Coco would do great with someone familiar with herding breed dogs and their needs. She’s been known to be picky about her dog friends, she truly just wants to be the boss.


  • Olive
  • 108951
  • Boxer mix

  • Brindle/White
  • Female
  • 8months
  • 50lbs

PLAY! This girl loves to PLAY! Olive is a fun, spunky girl. She’s all get up and go. Olive is also incredibly smart. She’s young and mega trainable. Olive does have some medical concerns that need to be discussed prior to adoption.